Sik Parisienne, 35x45 in,900.00 Framed 2010 001.JPG

Elizabeth E. Crowder


My silk represents free-form art.  The beautiful intensity and sheen that the silk evokes is due to the fabulous silk itself.  The silk likens itself to a watercolor painting and hence encourages free-form, imaginative, playfulness and joy.

Silk pieces, matted and framed are elegant and beautiful and capture the eye of the beholder. 

I love working on silk because there are always surprises in store.  The silk is not structured, like an oil painting but rather flows with the brush.

Some of my oil paintings, Blessed Mother & Jesus, took over 100 hours to complete and I used verdaccio as an under painting in the manner of the Renaissance, giving it the depth and great beauty it possesses.In other religious paintings, I used the verdaccio under-painting, which is indicated.In other oil paintings, oil is used as the primary medium.